Lisbon, London, Paris
Jun — Dec 2015

Visual essay constructed on Greta Bauer’s lecture on how Non-Spaces alter our identity. It investigates notions of simulated spaces and identities in places of transit. the topic has been vastly explored by Marc Augé or even Pico Iver.

The capital and its more than 8.6 million commuters and its excellent transport infrastructures is a great place to start this investigation around the consequences of living in societies where stillness lost its meaning. Coordinates became obsolete as we nowadays able to share the same room with someone and entirely focus our attention to parellel pixelated unoverses. This detachment from our human quality in return of immediate entertainment manifests best while individuals head to their itenearies touching the screen an ultimate act of communication.
The invitable loss of the materiality, the increase in information production, adn the rise of capitalism made acessible to everyone to manipulate their own perceptions of time and space. This subtly redefined reality boundaries traced according to our own choices making our position as spectator were the essence of our own spectacle. Going nowhere can be as much exciting as going somewhere specially because sometimes it is only by stopping movement that one can see where to go.