RSA Beyond Borders

Create a product or environment designed to promote inter-cultural understanding, creating methods of engagement with people of diverse backgrounds in ways that recognise differences, create connections and cultivate respect.

Challenge and scope

There has never been a more connected world, whether through travel, trade, migration, education, or media. This truly global age has connected people and places in ways never before imagined, yet at the same time, there is a turn to more local commitments, anxiety about the loss of identities, concern that larger forces – cultural, political, economic and religious – are more a threat than a benefit, and fears, ideas and movements that turn differences into divisions and conflicts. Most people’s identity has many aspects, such as family and friends, values, gender, ethnicity, religion or belief, locality, region, nation, language, education, ability/disability, health, politics, and many more. Most societies are also full of differences that interact with each other in a vast variety of ways.

Model: Kristin Hall
Polina Belenchuk

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Lisbon, PT.