Ryoji Ikeda is a Japanese electronic composer and visual artist who has an international reputation for working convincingly across both visual and sonic media. He coordinates sound, images, materials, physical phenomena and mathematical concepts in large-scale immersive live performances and installations. His work focuses on the essential characteristics of sound, often using frequencies at the limits of the range of human hearing. It also explores dynamic visual forms, using light as a means of both algorithmic precision and mathematical aesthetics. Ikeda develops long-term projects through live performance, installations, books and CDs.

May 2017 
841 x 594 mm

RYOJI IKEDA—Four Auiovisual Projects
ZKM Centre for Art & Media

︎ Generated ftom the given information about the event (name, date, venue and city) converted to binary data through sequences of 0’s and 1’s. The data was then translated to beams of light by using white and black bars values in order to visualise that project related information. The patterns created from the repetition of binary sequences illustrate the poster’s own information which are being transmitted in language ssimultaneously. Reflecting the artist work in which he conveys audiovisual information that in fact representas data that is coded for the spectator. The written information of each performance is the visualised through the poster which advertises it and arranged according to the specific performance that is being promoted and its visual language.